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Thread: figuired out 1 rendering problem but now another one appears

  1. Default figuired out 1 rendering problem but now another one appears

    ive been rendering in vegas pro 9 as = DVDA pal widescreen and then burning in DVDA and making jittery DVDs.
    Ive found in DVDA under the 'optimize' button when preparing the DVD it also gives the options to have the NSTC or PAL. I burnt a DVD under PaL and its heaps better. not jittery at all. but now its grainy

    any ideas?

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    Do I presume right that you are watching the DVD on a HDTV ? This may be the problem along with having to convert the file a few times along the way. What is your source file type and size? Do you edit in this format then render as a mpeg2 or have to render the file to edit what size ? DVDA will only make 720x576 size DVD are you use to watching it in HD on the computer and then SD on the TV ?

    Just a few possibilities. Along with low bit rates etc......

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    yeh im burning the DVD and then watching it on a HDTV i think. what makes a HDTV? its a good plasma with a HD box. is that enough?

    when i rendered the files i did it at the highest quality mpeg2 but when working or rendering that file again it says ' no recompression required' (i think in vegas its called smart render) so im guessing the files arent getting recompressed and shrunk anyway no matter how many times i render them. is this correct?

    argh...bit rates. thats something ive got no clue about. any advice tweaking them?


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    You asked what makes a HDTV? It's the picture size it has to be able to play a picture at a minimum resolution of 720 lines of pixels top to bottom. When you burn a standard DVD it makes a picture 720 wide and 576 high. SO when you watch a Standard Definition picture on a HD TV the telly stretches the size of the image to fit the screen. SO, you get a similar effect of when you watch a YouTube video in the small window it might look sharp. BUT if you watch it full screen the picture looks fuzzy and grainy.

    This is just one factor there are many others. The main one is the quality of the original footage. Most modern domestic cameras that record SD can produce an ok picture under ideal conditions BUT if the lighting is not so good that will cause the picture to become "grainy".

    Are you shooting your own footage or downloading movies form the internet ? What is the original source of the footage ?

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    The OP would be well advised to er get a simpler piece of software.

    It's called pro for a reason.

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    im using everything from old SD footage that i convert into mpeg2 from some shooting from a professional filmer. i'd have to find out what camera he uses but he has rendered it with final cut pro to be compatible with sony vegas without losing quality to compression. i'll ask him and get back to you.

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