Yes ... this is no support forum for Encore, but I believe it's the same problem with all products out of the CS4 suite.

Have a look at these screenshots (corrupt graphics as bars in the middle of picture):



I have a NVIDIA GeForce 7950 GX2 graphics card with latest drivers (196.21) installed. When using Adobe Encore CS4, I have these Encore parts breaking through other windows, i.d. if Encore is in background and working, parts of the Encore progress bar, which runs behind other windows, builds up on top of other application's windows.

I have quite a lot of software installed on that machine but no software ever does this effect.

I tried to change all possible settings (there are 14 settings to tweak in 3D settings) withing the NVIDIA drivers, but no joy. Same effect.

Is this an Encore issue (so I can give up) or an NVIDIA problem (shall I try older drivers?)? I found out by trial and error that 178.24 is the last working NVIDIA driver which doesn't produce these effects.

Is there a workaround?

This is a mess like it is now ...