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    Default question on adobe image ready

    i got adobe photoshop cs which also has the adobe image ready buiilt in to it. I loaded on footage and put an effect into the footage. But where i am having trouble is when i got to put the effect in to the footage, i have to do it frame by frame, and a 30 secound clip is 637 frames. I have tryed to higlight all the frames and put the effect in, but it doesnt work. Does anyone know how to put the effect in so i dont have to do it frame by frame, or if thats even possible? Thanks
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    How did you export your footage form Premiere? Export as a .flm file then you have all frames in one large image. Open that in Photoshop and whatever you do will hit all frames.

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    I took the footage from final cut express 2 on my mac and than put it to my server, from there i loaded on to my other computer which has photoshop on it. But i was planning on putting it to my external hard drive and than transfering it from the hardrive to the other compiuter, could i export the footage as a .flm file from final cut express 2?
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