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Thread: Chroma Key project from the band OK Go

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    Default Chroma Key project from the band OK Go

    My name is Mike Rosenthal and I currently work with the band OK Go. You may know them from their music videos, in particular their treadmill dancing video for "Here It Goes Again" or their most recent video featuring the Notre Dame marching band.

    Im writing to let you know about a video remix project they have launched around the video for their song "WTF?" The video was shot on a greenscreen and was then edited in post production to look like this:

    We have now made the greenscreen footage available for creative reuse and
    are encouraging people to download the raw footage, chroma key out the background, and create their own remixed video with it.

    This is not a contest. There are no rules or prizes or deadlines. Its just for fun. I thought this community might want to know about it.

    The full project details are here:
    WTF? Video Remix Project from OK Go OK Go

    I don't believe I am in violation of any forum rules for posting this, but if i am, im sure the moderators will simply delete this post.

    Thanks and have fun!

    - Mike Rosenthal

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    Wow Interesting!

    I found the video effect a bit too much at first; I stayed with it and it became a moving piece of art. Very clever; I do think a nice break from all that would be nice, as its a little busy. But I do find myself inspired, by the video.

    Thanks for the kind link I may just have a play

    BTW: cool website plenty of info.
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