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Thread: Best Video PC on very limited budget?

  1. Default Best Video PC on very limited budget?

    Hi everyone, I've been searching google for an idea for best budget PCs for video editing but found myself getting a bit lost in all the advice, I found this forum, had a look at quite a few posts and saw some great advice so I thought I'd post a few questions myself.

    Ive had a Macbook Pro 2.16ghz Core 2 Duo, 2gb DDR2 Ram for a few years now. I used it for my first short film just using the basic imovie. Its now time to move on, Ive been using After Effects/final cut at college and really need a computer that can run it well at home. The MB does run After Effects fairly well but feel its time to upgrade and get a dedicated desktop really.

    Apologize for the longwinded opening.

    I believe if I was to sell my MB I could get around 500+ so my first question would be could I get an equivalent PC for that cost? (Im aware a direct comparison isnt really possible but could a 500 PC, built by myself, run After Effects better?)

    I would be buying the Adobe Master Collection so I would be using Premier Pro. I would also at some point be looking into modelling programmes like Cinema 4D.

    I can confidently build my own pc although know next to nothing about decent kit atm due to having a mac for so long. I would be buying a new pc with the intent not to need it upgraded for many years.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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    Anyone please? Ive been reading a lot on these forums and elsewhere and am completely unsure whether working with 720p using AE and Premier on a i5 is plenty or lacking. Everyone seems to have a diff opinion.

    Just looking for some clarity.

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    How limited are you prepared to put xtra cash in ?
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    Videoguys Blog - Videoguys' DIY7.7: Intel Core i7 with Vista 64 AND Now Windows 7

    You'll notice its very close to my spec;

    Also check this out............
    Videoguys Blog - Videoguys' System Recommendations for Video Editing

    Invest less upgrade often, invest more upgrade less often..

    Build a machine that is going to forefil your needs and don't be scimpy.....!

    i5 is good if's its a real tight budget....if you got some cash I would go for the i7. But then again I have one and I would say that.

    The i7 processor has dropped in price....
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    Thanks Zandebar. I've already read your very interesting post about your PC and am reading the other links now.

    I think my Mac will end up going for around 450 (the battery isnt up to much) and ideally ill be able to invest another 400.

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    You could have an i7 for around 1100 quid but I expect thats out of your price range.

    a good i5 may do ya!

    Intel Core i5-750 Quad Core Processor
    Intel's Quad Core i5 Processor
    SPEED: 2.5GHz, CORES: 4,
    BUS: 4.8GT/s, CACHE: 8MB L3
    SKT: 1156, TYPE: Retail with Fan


    This is not bad....!

    Compare this to a i7

    Intel Core i7-920 'D0 Stepping' Quad Core Processor
    SPEED: 2.66GHz, CORES: 4,
    BUS: 4.8GT/s, CACHE: 8MB L3
    SKT: 1366, TYPE: Retail with Fan


    Intel Core i5 750 Processor Review - TechSpot
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    Thanks zandebar, I appreciate your help.

    The difference between the i7 and i5 isnt too much at all really although it all adds up obviously. I came up with a price of over 1000 too when I was tallying up a i7 system similar to yours and Videoguy's.

    Although I am buying for an editing system it would be nice to catch up on some pc gaming that ive missed out on over the past few years so im factoring in a semi decent graphics card thats obviously going to add to the price.

    Do you know of any places that sell pc components online that offer student? Im aware that HP and Dell (i think) do although theyre expensive machines anyway.

    Whats your opinion on a machine like this?

    MESH Computers - Award Winning Review PCs Since 1987 - MESH ICE 5 750CS

    Just curious as a new monitor is beneficial to me.

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