Hi Everyone,

I'm Colm from the trakAx Team and yes, I'm pimping my software.

I would like to introduce you to our new version of our trakAx software, trakAxPC Pro.

TrakAxPC is a user friendly, feature rich multimedia editing suite which allows users to be creative using any combination of media, be it audio, video or photos. Aimed at beginners but with professional features, users of all skill levels can now mix and edit audio, videos and photos within the same application at an affordable price and directly upload their creations to YouTube to share with family, friends and the world.

New features in trakAxPC PRO include direct upload to YouTube, text and credits, automatic crossfading, BlueCat Audio Effects, segment snapping and grouping tracks, as well as exporting and converting media files to popular file formats such as MP3, MPEG-4, M4A, AAC, H264, FLAC, OGG, WMV, WMA, WAV and more.

If you would to try trakAxPC Pro for yourself, please click on the link to Download:

TrakAx.com | trakAxPC - Free Music and Video PC Software

Hope you check it out,

Cheers Colm