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Thread: Music Video for critique

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    Default Music Video for critique

    ok, some of you may have read the following thread .....

    heres my attempt at making a video for the mysterious WTF

    yes its kinda trippy, kinda mysterious kinda driving ......kinda like the music ?

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    Yes it is kind of trippy, it fits well with the music though. When I saw the stills of the lady I was hoping to see some video of her come in later so it left me a bit disappointed that this wasn't forthcoming. Also I think there is only a finite number of times you can run the camera up and down the keyboard before it gets monotonous.

    Some nice shots well put together. Well fitted to the music. But not my cup of tea.

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    thanks MB

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    After watching the beginning for a while I was expecting to be absolutely blown away because it was stunning and hypnotic. However, it then became very samey. It needed to breakout with different ideas. The music reminded me of something from Duran Duran for some reason.

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    Yes - i liked the music.

    The video failed for me as i loved the voice and never saw the face sing.

    It did have a look and feel that went with the music. What is the relvavence of the seahorse ?

    Maybe the rec studio stuff was a bit obvious and overused - needed more of the laydeeee - looked swish.

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    I like the music, but the images takes me from hypnotic to boring.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcp View Post
    I like the music, but the images takes me from hypnotic to boring.

    well, it'll send you all off to sleep if nothing else

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    Diary out time: strangely I have to agree with vertovian on this one.

    Well scored V, I had to stop the vid after 1:34 I couldn't take any more of it.

    Soz.....would have liked to have kept it playing....

    Did like the music though.

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    I liked the music, nice and Goldfrappy, I'd buy the CD!

    The video was okay, in that the pictures were interesting to start with but... People are exciting, knobs and dials ain't, at least not for the whole video. in my (not so humble) opinion the quick tracks over the keyboard were too fast for the pace of the music and i feel that there was to little imagery of the singer. I appreciate that it's probably all that you've got but it wasn't enough!

    Better than a lot of stuff we get to see but doesn't quite hit the spot visually.

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    I think music videos are very tricky beasts. You are limited by the format - it has to last the length of the song, BUT you need to grab attention. Result - all your great ideas are crammed into the first minute and then there's nowhere left to go other than repeat.

    On the medium where music videos are normally shown this is not a problem. People are tuning in to listen to the music. The video is secondary. Furthermore it is highly likely on many outlets that only a shrot section of the video will be shows - so you every part of the video has to have all those attention grabbing thingies.

    I don't think therefore one can really comment on music videos in quite the same way as one comments on other vids.

    As an example, I really liked the look of this. You could take any 30 second section of it and it would look good to me. Where it failed for me as a video (and most music videos are the same) is, because of the reasons stated above, it becomes just more of the same after a while.

    The exception to this is the music video which tells a story. And those only work when you have the opportunity to show the whole of the video.

    Let's face it the "Thriller" video only works so well because we've all seen the whole video. It wouldn't work if we got to see 30 secs her and 30 secs there.

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