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Thread: February 2010: Woody and the Werewolf

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    Default February 2010: Woody and the Werewolf


    I've not visited for a while for a number of reasons (time, computer problems etc). Anyway, this is the latest thing I've made. Some people may recognise some of the footage as I used the Roger Corman philosophy of filmmaking. I took some footage I had used before, some footage that had ended up on the cutting room floor in previous films and some newly filmed footage and blended it together to make a compeletly new entity.

    This was made for the 2009 Zone Horror Cut! competition.

    Using themes explored by the classic films of Woody Allen, the short film is inspired by the premise: What if Woody Allen wrote a horror film? Hopefully you don't need to be a fan or be aware of Woody Allen to take something from it, but the film does play on references to a number of his films.

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    That was really really cleaver. I thought it was well scripted and well put together. Great sound. The lip sink seemed to be off with the axe man.

    It was so good I forgot to look out for things to find wrong with it. I was to busy laughing at the jokes. I'm sounding a bit like a sycophant. so I'll leave it at that or now.

    Well done Mark, another cracker.
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    Excellent...great edit....great sound...

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    Great stuff, man. I laughed all the way through.

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    Well written, lovely lighting, great compositions... loved it.

    Like Midnight, I forgot to look for things to criticise, so I won't.

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    Beautifully composed shots. Wonderful sound. Great editing. And a script Woody Allen himself might have written.

    I think you delivered it well, though I found your accent more of a distraction that I think I would have if you'd tried to mimick Woody Allen's jewish New York accent. I'm equally sure if you had tried to ape WA then I'd have thought you should have used your own accent. So you can't win!

    Real quality.

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    Yeah I meant to comment on the accent as well. Hearing Woody Allen done in a British accent was half the humor of the thing, for me

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    Are you crazy ? LOL

    Very enjoyable.

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    Thanks for the great comments. I'm glad you liked it.

    I did record a few voiceovers, immitating Woody Allen as best I could with a New York accent, but it just sounded weird. In fact the version in the film is more of a compromise because it's neither my accent or Woody's. It's a bit of a whiny version of my British accent with a hint of American here and there. I never could quite get it right!!

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    That was superb in my book. Great humour, a couple of real frights and a gratuitous boob shot. I can't ask for more. Simply brilliant and the voice was great.

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