Hello all,

I am either missing some codecs of Vegas doesn't have the particular codecs listed within the format I'm using and I'm wondering if you can help me remedy this.

I have a .mp4 file, with Gspot listing the following info:
mp42: MP4 v2 [ISO 14496-14]
- isom: MP4 Base Media v1 [IS0 14496-12:2003]
- avc1: MP4 Base w/ AVC ext [ISO 14496-12:2005]
Under audio codecs: mp4a: MPEG-4 AAC LC
Under video codecs: avc1

I'm running Pro 8.0 on a Windows 7 system. I am able to view the files fine in the VLC Player, but when I drag/import into Vegas, I am missing my audio. I would lile to get the audio working as is (as opposed to converting, due to what would be a poorer quality) but I'm unsure if I simply need to download new codecs (thinking that's the not case) or make Vegas look within the .mp4 format for the AAC type codec.

Look forward to any information and please let me know if you need more details.

Thank you