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Thread: I've never made a video

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    Default I've never made a video

    Hi, I hope this is the right section for this >_< Ok, here's my issue

    I've never once recorded any type of video on anything outside of a VCR. Now I find myself in the fun situation of getting a pretty nice computer (i7 Quad Core, 6gb ram, 2TB memory, Radeon 5870, HD monitor with 1920 x 1080....not sure if any other info might help). Anyways, the point is I'm getting the computer so I can play some of the better MMOs out there in good quality, and I'm very much interested in making my own videos. And by videos I don't just mean one 10 minute clip of me running around killing mobs. I want to take multiple small clips and put them to music with sweet transitions and things like that.

    Problem: I barely know what I'm talking about, let alone doing.

    From what I gather, I'm going to need these three things to get this up and running properly. I could be and kind of hope I'm wrong on this, but from what I can gather this is what I'll need:

    FRAPs to record
    Adobe Elements 8 to Edit
    Quicktime Pro to compress

    Please, any tips, tricks, or simply links to similar posts are very much appreciated. Do I need all three of those programs to accomplish this, or are they overlapping? Any help is good help >_<

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    I think it takes too long to explain the whole process , my suggestion is "YouTube"
    it shows you everything in details and you can go back and fourth !!
    Just type your question there ..for example :

    How to make a music video
    or some !!

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    Thanks for the response, I was actually just about to go do that >_<

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    My suggestion is to start off with Sony Vegas, its a video editing program that is very very easy to use I am using the version 9.0.

    type something like "how to create a music video with sony vegas" in youtube

    there are many different programs for video editing
    i use
    sony vegas 9.0
    adobe after effect
    adobe premiere pro

    I suggest Sony Vegas , its very powerful and user friendly ..I have made over 20 music videos with it so far !!

    once you learn that , then you can work with more powerful editing programs such as Adobe After Effect , Premiere and much more !!

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    What about a video camera ?

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    i get the impression he will be using game footage !?!?

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    I guessed that but I thought if I plant the seed it might just grow.

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    For the time being I'm trying to keep my costs as low as possible, so I'll probably end up using the full version of FRAPS for recording ($37) and then just use a free video editor like Windows Movie Maker. After I get used to making videos and get some more money I'll upgrade to a good movie editor such as Vegas

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    Sensible start.

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