Hey guys, new to the board, but my relentless search of the internet has left me stranded, hopefully someone here will have the information Ive been looking for.

Ive do a lot of set taping for bands, and the odd time I'll have multi camera's rolling on the set. Premiere cs4 Has a tool called "Multi Camera" not sure if you guys have heard of it/have used it successfully, but I cannot get my computer to play back without being horribly chopped. Audio runs fine, just the video.

My camera (canon HG21) records in AVCHD, which Ive found out is a pretty resource demanding file type to edit. So what would be the best Alternitive to edit in using the multicamera feature of cs4?

and because I know someones going to ask here are my computer specs.

Intel Q9550 @ 2.83GHz
8gb 800MHz ram
ATI 5770 1GB ddr5
7500rpm harddrives x5

Thanks for your time guys, hopefully an answer pops up.