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    Hey guys!

    Heres a little video I made about everything my unicycling team got up to in 2009.

    This year I really want to start focusing on making well thought out, more polished videos. I have been watching lots of bmx/skateboarding/mountain biking videos for inspiration and would like any comments and criticism you may have.

    Enjoy the video


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    tbh, extreme and unicycling wouldn't ordinarily be something i would combine in one sentence..... but, you fellas have some balls speaking oif which do you wear protection
    i guess in your chosen sport squashed nads are a real possibility

    re the video...... enjoyed the intro but the rest was a little to long for me im afraid. 3 mins would have been enough ..... i have the attention span of a young child

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    Thanks for the feedback. We don't wear protection 'down there' but we wear shinpads and helmets. I had a few eyewatering moments when I was learning but nothing too bad.

    I was undecided whether to cut the song down a bit but I hate having to just fade it out so I left it full length.


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    Like you said this was just a montage and your next one will be more structured. I to liked the opening. I did like some shots and was impressed with some of the stunts. I felt distracted during this video as it's not really my thing.

    I'm sure for the intended audience it will be greatly appreciated. You did match the music well with the editing.

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    For me all good as far as it went - half way - got bored.
    Those in the know will flock.
    Those not wont. I would have loved it I suspect with more structure with a vo or better an anchor - but then it becomes aspirational and never gets made.....

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    I liked it and managed to watch it to the end despite not being a fan of this type of film.

    I think one of the strongest visual images was the guy on the rocks who fell in the pool. I would have used that image a lot sooner in the piece myself. I agree it was perhaps too long but then again for those who enjoy this sport its maybe not long enough.

    Music worked and it was well edited. The only thing I can criticise which has not been mentioned so far is the end titles. Just a tad to quick on one of them as I was not able to read it all in time.

    Good effort, stay lucky and enjoy!

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