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Thread: The last film I watched was....

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    Default The last film I watched was....

    The last film I watched was....
    And it was....

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    Empire of the sun - SPielberg.

    Much better than i recall from last time - at it's best during scenes where it's the boy only - spooky at times and reminded of ' forbidden games ' by rene celement in that respect.

    Funny to see Christian Bale as a boy.

    Too long - gets boring - like many of his films imho

    60% on rotten tomatoes - 60% from me.

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    fatal attraction - never seen it before.

    Truthfully I wanted to hate it as it is a bit of a clichee and gave us ' bunny boiling ' - but I loved it - a truly spooky film - mostly the hair cuts and the soundtrack - lols.

    I had bet watch something b/w and french later - I feel dirty...

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    The last film I saw was Football Factory. It's much better than I was expecting. I'm not a football fan. The subtext of this movie is more interesting than football.

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    mine is inglorious bastards!
    like at the ending part

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    Tsotsi - Gavin Hood.

    Imagine City of god with a bit less guns, less drugs and a baby - and it is MUCH better than that other overrated romp through a shanty town.

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