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Thread: 1000 to spend, here's what I need:

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    Default 1000 to spend, here's what I need:

    Hi all,

    Let me begin by stating that I know NOTHING about camcorders.
    My company have given me a budget of 1000 to buy a camcorder to be used for recording the movement of novel scientific equipment, to be shown in powerpoint presentations, lectures etc.
    We need to able, for example, to take a video of the motion of a drop of liquid being put on paper and how this spreads to the size of a 1p coin over about 5 seconds. We need to be able to show this in slow motion, and split this up into frames so we can see what is happening over frame by frame. We need to be able to assign a time for each of these frames, so we can get a guide to the rate at which changes are occuring. Need to be able to use each frame shot as a still image too.
    I don't have the budget for pro type cameras, but can anything within my budget do the job? I have no knowedge of the editing software that comes with camcorders. Will be using with PC's.
    Any help much appreciated.

    Paul (Ware, Herts).

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    Either - get something very cheap off e bay - any dv cam will do - 50 quid upwards. Then got to go party on the rest.


    Hire a pro if you want decent results. ( person )

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    If your company has given you 1000 to spend on a camcorder just for this one project you're better off spending the money on a camera operator who will already own all the kit, editing program included, needed for the project.
    If you want to see/film slow motion footage then you're better off shooting it in slo-mo in the first place, and you won't be able to buy a decent camera which does this for 1000.
    As far as editing programs which come with camcorders, i suspect the programs are very basic.

    If you decide to go the camera operator with kit route, give me a shout, i can help.


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    Not just for this project, its intended for general use. The example I gave was to illustrate the most challenging thing it's likely to have to do.
    Hiring someone to do the job is not an option. Only intereted in advice on kit within budget.

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    Hi Paul

    The problem you've got is your budget; you are striaght into a consumer market.

    The issue with this type of camera is that you won't be able to capture anything at high speed, this was part of your brief. High speed capture; domestics cameras are not built this way, you will end up with motion blurred images. Which I don't think will suite your needs, this then becomes a problem for you.

    The best solution is to look at this for each project that you need it for; it might be the only project or many. If its many then maybe you can justify the cost, if its one project then its not cost effective.

    It has already been mentioned that you should considerer hiring the equipment, this is far the best option for you. Try a weekend hire as you will squeeze an extra day, to get your results. You should also considerer other equipment, that you might need other than the camera to get these images.

    You could buy; this is way past your budget and high speed cameras cost around 6500+

    High Speed Cameras: Digital High Speed Video Camera Systems and Accessories.

    Vision Research Digital High-Speed Solutions: Cameras

    This was the only site that would give an indication of cost. (links above)

    Photron - High Speed Video Camera for Slow Motion Analysis

    High Speed Camera Systems - NAC

    Places to hire high speed camera

    Slowmo - high speed video, high speed filming, slow motion, high speed camera hire, speed filming, digital slow motion, photron, image diagnostics, APX, SA-1

    Phantom HD GOLD Hire - True HD Digital High Speed Video | Pirate

    High Speed Digital Camera for Hire

    By what you have been saying; it seems that nothing else will meet your needs

    I suggest you use the right equipment for the job, and get the desired results you require.

    Or simply out source your requirements; and receive professional footage back, which has already been offered. This method could be the cheapest and you will get exactly what you need. And if pkbristol can deliver what you need in budget, then bite his hand off.

    All the best
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    Thanks for the advice. However I definately will not be hiring anybody to do the job.

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    So it looks like your buying or hiring then.....I can see the hiring been around 500 ish a day

    And if you have not done this sort of thing before; you need time to play with the equipment.

    This could put your team or yourself under a great deal of pressure. Are you doing many projects like this?

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    You say you have no knowledge in this area and have been given good advice on solutions, yet you stick to the request for which no other answers can be given. You must do one of two things: Either convince the bosses to invest in proper equipment and time to do professional work or convince them to hire it done. There is only one way to create good videos. The right way. I might add that if you are in charge of doing the work, and you have no knowledge of camcorders, putting the right equipment in your hands will not insure that you get any better results than using a simple, consumer "any-cam". It might even be worse and if you are making power point presentations to professionals, your product might come up short in sales if the presentation looks like it was done in the basement by a beginner.

    This is not meant to be critical of your request, but simply to be blunt at a time it is called for. Good luck!

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