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Thread: 2 Questions about H.264 vs Rendering quality

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    Alrighty guys I am brand new to this HD video stuff. I just bought a Sony HDR-XR500V. I've figured out how to convert the M2TS file. The best quality i've been able to convert to is a H.264/mpeg4 file. I did this with 4U M2TS Converter. It's almost identical in quality to the raw file. I also have Sony Vegas 9.0 pro. My question is i've been doing research about rendering my files to upload to youtube. I follow all these peoples instructions step by step online but the rendered video comes out nothing like the h.264 file. What am I doing wrong? I can deal with the large file sizes from the 264 format but how do I piece together several sections of video? I took about 4 different clips of one night that were all 264 format and put them in vegas. I did a little editing but it wouldnt let me save it as a 264 file in vegas it was something less quality. I'm sure it's something simple but i'm getting frustrated

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    I think this can be the most frustrating part of video editing sometimes. I'm having a silly issue just at the moment. I rendered a short video the other day. Using my trusty mpeg2 YouTube template. Instead of the usual quality, it ended up all blocky like I'd chosen a really low bit rate when in fact I've whacked up the bit rate to see what happens.

    I'm sure we've all experienced those horrible moments when we look at the result of an eternally long render only to be disappointed with the result. SO who really knows the secrets of this black magic art of rendering, codecs, formates etc...

    I have a theory, I think it's the computer nerds who writes the software code taking revenge on the world, blaming us normal people because they can't get laid.

    We'll it's a theory.

    I know this little rant doesn't help the OP but I just couldn't help it after last nights frustrations.

    I'd recommend picking an applicable standard template in Vegas for what the final video will be used for ie DVD PAL for UK DVD etc.

    Having said that I just know I'll be back at my computer tonight fiddling about with the settings trying to tweak the best of of it.

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    I still use dv - it is better for me and how I work - so not an expert on all this hd complication.

    BUT - I am pretty certain vegas will edit all raw cam files - even spaccy ones.

    You should aim to do as little processing and rendering as poss to keep the look of the original video.

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