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Thread: best format/encoding/size for posting to forums

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    Question best format/encoding/size for posting to forums

    I searched. Honest. I saw 'best format for uploading to youtube' but not to forums in general.

    I had a video (created using sony vegas 8 pro) posted to a forum, four minutes, some odd seconds, that took even longer to load/buffer, everyone complained and yet, the same video loaded fine at youtube.

    Is there a specific size/file type/special encoding for mp4/mp2 that will load faster on forums and still not lose too much quality? Thanks.
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    There is no best - many ways to skin the you tube cat.

    I do mine up loads as 3 mbit/sec 720p wmv - or 1.5 for static program.

    NEVER leave silence or black at extreme ends of clip - it often screws the sync - well that is what i find.

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    Where were you uploading to? If you were uploading to a site which converts the video, the buffering you encountered was due to the server side paramaters and nothing to do with your video.

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    yea - my web server space was often poor - check streaming parameters with vendor.

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    Thank you both. I'll check into that.

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