Until a couple of nights ago I was filming with my Sony HCR52E Standard Definition Camcorder.
That's all changed because it got ran over and ruined beyond repair.
I would be very appreciative of your advice on which Video camera I should now choose, given my budget ( not nearly enough ) and my circumstances.
I've done a bit of looking around and it would appear that I can actually purchase a not too bad " HD " pocket size and or Mini Video camera for around the same price as I paid for my now defunct standard definition Sony Camcorder.

BUT YES there are of course several facilities and advantages that these 2 small HD cameras do not have. ie: Viewfinder, play/edit etc. And neither of them are any good in night shoots or low light.
Aparently the Mino Flip is better though.
Even so , my priority is THE QUALITY OF THE RESOLUTION.
It's tempting given that I can purchase an HD Video Camera for between around $300 - $400 aus.
In Adobe Premiere, I can just about do all of the functions that these 2 cameras do not provide.

What then would your advice then be on the 2 options for re purchase of a new Video Camera.
1: THE MINO FLIP HD. $278 aus.
1280x720p, very small screen about 1.5" x 1", play/edit rewind fast forward, and more edit features, USB arm fits straight into my pc, equals shoot / battery charged time of my old camera WHICH IS AN OLDIE
15 years old : (will it stand up to the task ? : Intel Pent 4 2.4Ghz, 2.42Ghz processor, 1 gig old ram.
Min requirements for the MINO Flip HD : Intel 3 but 3Ghz processor,
Ram I'm ok.

OR : THE GoPro HD SURF HERO : $350 aus.
This camera is a mini sports camera, point and shoot only no screen BUT,
has a 170 degree field of view ! not bad !! , is shockproof and waterproof.
resolution : 1080p reduceable to > 960 > 720.
There's a very slight fisheye effect given this field of view but I may just be able to adjust that in Premiere if I needed to. ( ?? ) by distort etc in Premiere's Video effects window.

cheers, Premmie6