I am planning on making a documentary in the UK, India, SA and Finland documenting the stories of victims of human rights abuse.
I have very little camcorder knowlegde. Can anyone advise me on which camera I should buy. He is as much info about the project and my requirements:
- I have a budget of 1000 pounds max.
- I will be interviewing victims and so need good sound as well - so needs external mic or should I go for a seperate sound recorder and edit the two together?
- I will be filming victims on the move as they visit locations in their areas so I think I need good auto focus and image stabiliser and potentially good optical zoom
- I will have a lot of footage so I need to be able to store it easily
- I want the doc to be viewed on dvd and distributed with a book i am writing and on website blog - I need the viewer to take it seriously and not notice that it is filmed by an amateur and not say 'this is crap quality' but I do not need it to be broadcast quality.
- I need something reasonably portable and light and hardy to take with me on my travels,
- I may be filming in low light but I am not sure of this - I will look to avoid it but this may be a consideration.
- Essentially should I go for handycam such as Canon Legria HF S100 Camcorder or should I go for a shoulder mounted camera such as Canon XH A1s (or something a bit cheaper) and try and get it second hand. Do I need this type of pro camera for my project do you feel?
- also should i go hd or sd?
- In summary, Which camera should I go for and which sound equip should I go for?
Best wishes,
Jonny Butterworth