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Thread: 16mm anyone???

  1. Default 16mm anyone???

    my friend dikayl just finished this little "noir" flick...hope you check it out
    info about it here
    Ringers: a 16mm short film by Dikayl Rimmasch, a Canon 5D mark II shooter Mike Kobal


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    Nice shots, good editing you captured the film nior. Usual modern film nior narrative. (confusing for my little mind). Couple of good FX, under the train and jump off of bridge. Sound problem when Frank was in the bar.

    All round good job.

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    Best I've seen on DD by far!

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    Simply superb. I love film noir and the lighting and framing shown here is just stunning. This is obviously a guy who knows what he's doing and is a name to be remembered.

    I particularly liked the dialogue about "what's your favourite desert". This rambling dialogue segment cut over the chase scene was utterly sublime for me. Some of the compositions were just masterful.

    I do feel the plot could have been a bit more tightly controlled but I guess that's the essence of noir. Excellent stuff!

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