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    I am totally new to Vegas Pro 9. The problem I have is that I have a film about 20 mins in length that comprises of a number of clips and voice overs from various sources.

    The problem is audio levels. I don't know if it is the way to go, but I decided to group audio tracks by 'loudness' and have ended up with 4 audio tracks each track containing audio clips that are roughly of the same level of loudness (forgive non-technical terms).

    So, how do I go about leveling the levels to make the entire audio the same level?

    I was working on the idea of just using the audio slider on the track header to get each track about right, then fine tune with envelops where necessary. Would this the the correct way to go about it, or are there easier more accepted methods?

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    You could try whats called Normalising the audio tracks. It's when the software tries to balance out the volume lowering the peaks to a set level. This is what Sony Vegas help says to do:-

    Maximizes an audio event’s volume without clipping.
    If you want to recalculate the normalization value for the selected event, click the Recalculate button on the Event Properties dialog to determine the normalization value for the selected event. If you trim or extend a normalized event, you will want to recalculate the normalization to account for the different audio levels that may have been exposed.

    I've never used it so I'm a bit clue less. I normally copy audio into a different audio editor to work on it.

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    In this instance I would not be using Normalisation. I use Normalisation on SINGLE Events - not Tracks - to make remedial changes to quite specific Event issues. This is not the same as Vertical Stacked-Track Levelling.

    What you have here is a group of tracks that need levelling. Remember, even though you have nicely levelled individual tracks, once they are allowed to play together they have an accumulative acoustic power/value greater than themselves - yes? So, sitting on top of ALL these Tracks I would need to apply a MASTER Bus FX/Volume control to then pull back the peak. Sure, you can level at the micro level - done it myself, but there comes a point for both artistic and sanity reasons why I need to then either group tracks to then have their own BUS Fx and/or use a MASTER Fx over the whole.

    There is a most valuable tool, in the Vegas war chest and you should now avail yourself of its merits.

    I NOW use EXTENSIVELY the "MIXING CONSOLE" (Ctlr+Alt+6). When It came out (VP7?) it was a true revelation to me, in as much as it showed me the way to intelligent, creative, multi TRACK (not event!) levelling and FX-ing.

    OK . . what I would be using, after all the stuff above is either Compression FXs or Wavehammer FX (I like this one!) or Noise Gate FX . . so many ways.

    Can I make a plea - again - that we all become conversant with the Vegas language?

    1] Events are NOT Tracks. They, Events, are timed periods/instances/references that hold Video or Audio Media.

    2] Tracks are the vertically stacked, horizontal Tracks that can hold many thousands of Events.

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    Getting sound right is harder and more important than the video - and often neglected.

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    Can I trouble you for more in-depth instruction here. As a complete novice at Vegas Pro9 I am having problems working out what a bus is and when I need it, what it does, how I get one & how I assign it (if I do) to an audio track or file. I notice that if I open the mixing console it shows track 5,6 & 7 (audio tracks) and Master.

    There is the facility to insert Bus when I do another mixer appears. I am gob-smacked as to what to do and I am non-the-wiser for reading the help files - which I doun't find helpful!

    One further point, do you think I was right to place my audio files on differnt tracks according to their 'loudness' i.e. There is the main video/audio track off the camera, another track contains the voice-over .wav files and another for music where it appears. I'm not sure if you considered that to be good practise or a waste of time.

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