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Thread: Sony Vegas 9 Compresion and Storege

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    Default Sony Vegas 9 Compresion and Storege

    I dont know if anyone from here use Fraps but this is my video recording:
    so fraps movies have a large memory usege and if you wana record like 60 min you need 100 GB+ and i wana to do this .... compres every file i make daily to save the space so i can make more every day... then when i want to edit them just to enter them in Sony Vegas and edit and storege... but the problem is that Sony vegas compress them again and i lose quality becouse compresion over another compresion...

    so what i`m asking is theat if i compress them the first time in wmv 4,8 Mbps HD
    why after editing i have to compress them again in 4,8 Mbps HD if they are already in this format....why they just don`t save w/o any compresion...

    thx and hope someone will help me whit this problem.

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    You got the wrong end of the stick a bit.

    Rendering the file using the same compression as the original will not compress more - that is the proper way for best results.

    If you want more res capture and render at a higher bit rate.

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    so you say i just compress and when i have time edite them and the quality is the same?

    but if i add some music or something?

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    It is always this way.

    Get raw video at best quality you can edit smoothly - edit - add music and so on - render to same or lower level of compression.

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