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Thread: FXXX you BNP - me to camera.

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    Default FXXX you BNP - me to camera.

    This is an update on my most recent campaign after I got some irritating death threats - good for my rep tho - lols.

    I did some things I don't usually do - so am keen to hear how this is 'consumed'.

    I did it in the first take - no script - no edits - i think this is the best way to be persuasive -documentary verisimilitude sort of.

    I will post about all the cloak and dagger production stuff in a bit.

    I dont mind homey lectures on what i should and should not do but i would prefer to talk about the video and if is achieves it propaganda aims.


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    Just to be clear after Marc shut the thread for my edl film - no trolling at me please - just comments on the video and its mis en scene et monatge et al - merci.

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    Contains swearing.
    Brief and contextually appropriate.

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    Nice piece to camera Mark. I thought you came across well. On the technical side of things. Even this casual piece to camera would have benefited from a fill light or reflector to take out some of the shadow on your face. The other thing was the music was just right until the end when I thought you brought the volume up a bit to early.

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    I feel like there's a contradiction involved in this post's very existence in an editing forum. The vid falls into the categories of "very important and so who cares about the production" and "not edited."

    Midnight has a good point about some fill light, but I reckon the low key look may have been intentional. The sound was good and you came off as sincere. This one seems less effective as propaganda than the other one; this one has more a feel of "I am a victim, but I will go on."

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    The lighting - i dont have any ' proper' lights so improvise - and fiddly with this cos I was by myself with no external monitor too look at.

    I have recently become intersted in the lack of light in film so aimed to make the whole production a bit spooky looking - and dark to light theme too.

    I admit that the shadow on my face is too deep - couldn't fix in post well.

    It is so dark the full dynamic range is not used. Blacks are zero but whites are only 60%.

    My current dogma is that many auteur and fiddler's videos are just too bloody saccharine in the eyes. Too bright - to contrasty. It doesnt help that most modern cameras produce very contrasty video - like hollywood often does - so we all do it often.

    I have set the gamma on my camera to flat, all colour matrix are flat and I still often de sat more.

    I watch lots of Michael Haneke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia films - i like anti hollywood vibe.

    The dvd is ' dead mans shoes ' - a little joke there.

    There is a light there - tungsten spot behind me so dvd looks clear.

    The focus is a tiny bit off too i think - fiddly when solo.

    The mic is a very old a cool sony ecm50 lav from the seventies - cheap cheap on e bay.
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    It was mention earlier about a reflector;

    If you have a white bed sheet, or an old projector screen use that.

    I have used bed linen many times as reflectors, in my student days. Works a treat...

    OH light reflects at a 45 degree angle, that will help to set it up...

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    Yea - got one of those - maybe I should have used it - I do most of my films very fast - too fast i think.

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    I mean a reflector - obviously i have sheets - but enough about my sheets i think .

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