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    Default Some Audio questions

    First of i'm realy new at editing vids and i'm working with a company that requires me to do so from time to time.. and i have some questions when it comes to audio

    i use realy simple progrmas like movie maker and i need your help with 2 things:

    1st- is it iligal if i use other ppl's songs like famous musics in my videos.. their ultimate destiny is just to be on my company's oficial website and i was wondering if i need author's rights or anything like that..
    2nd- can anyone recoment me any website where i can freely download cool soundtracks just for that cool backgound effect =)

    thank you twice, peace and love

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    This link by The Gaffer will help, and put you in the right direction.

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    1 - yes.
    2 - no. my consultancy fees are 100 an hour.
    3 - did you lie in the job interview then?

    If you are a pro you really should know all this. my advice is dont do anything yet untill you are in the know - you will get your company sued and you may get the sack or be culpable.

    Get rights stuff wrong and it can all kick off bigtime.

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    yes, totally illegal.

    you can find loads of royalty free music online that is legal and safe and affordable

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