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Thread: DVD Mastering... need help :(

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    Default DVD Mastering... need help :(

    Hello Guys,

    First of all Good Day to everyone on VideoForums.

    I just want to ask if it is feasible for me to create a Hybrid DVD master that will accompany a book. The DVD will have PDFs, Video Clips, and 1 video with sound. The videos must run on PCs and Macs. Also, DVD must work on computer drive and/or DVD player. The DVD must have also menus links to the PDFs, Video Clips, etc.

    Does anyone here have experienced in making this kind of project? If so, I need a help on what software I will be using. I will also research some software like Adobe Encore, Adobe Director and Sony DVD Architech, but if someone knows something about this please let me know.

    Thanks to all, hope there will be some comment later on. Thanks again.
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    I think it is nop trivial thing you want to do and probably impossible.

    A dvd rom is a completely different thing from a dvd - totally different structure.
    But I am not an expert at dvd making.

    If I want text screens I do jpegs and put them on the dvd in a menu structure.

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    I think vertovain is right. You can make a data DVD (DVD rom)which can contain all the different file types you mentioned but you can't make a Media DVD with a pdf file. You could try converting the pdf pages to jpegs. That could work.

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    Sounds to me like what you really need is the standard cover disk menu system to all your DVD ROM content. That will involve getting out your Visual C++ disks and writing it and/or learning Flash fro your front end.

    or, i suppose the whoel thing could run as a web soite on the disk.

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    Thanks Guys for your responses.

    Ok, I will convert the pdf into jpegs, but what software I will be using to create a DVD that will play both PC and MAC and also on DVD Players?

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    Sony DVD Architech will do the job but it's up to you choose which ever you feel is right for you. ie Will do what you need and you can use it.

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