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Thread: No steps forward, one step back

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    Hi everyone, I'm Tom and I'm new here and trying to get used to Premiere 6 again after some years.

    I am using Premiere 6 on my PC and I am trying to play with some FX. I have loaded a clip from my DV camera, plopped it in the timeline, applied an effect and tried to render the workspace but get a "Error writing file (disk full?)" error message. WTF? I have nothing much else running and over 200gb of disk space free.

    Surely there is something wrong? It is only a 4 second clip and a "ghosting" effect.

    I am running Premiere 6 on an Althlon 64 X2 duel core, 4600 @ 2.4 ghz with 2GB RAM and with a NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430

    My 'C' drive says it has 201 GB of free space...

    Please help....

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    I've never used this software but my first thought was did you point the rendered file at the right drive. Just a thought. Also I've had this happen to me with a word processing document. I just chose Save As instead of Save which handled the problem. My point is it sounds more like a OS problem than a Premiere problem.

    Are you ready for this priceless advice......ok.......

    Have you tried switching it off and then on again.

    Sorry couldn't help it.

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    First thing I did!

    One can but hope.

    The render facility seems to save to a preset place, you don't have a choice at the time of rendering.

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    Never used Pre 6 but frankly I find it difficult to beleive you can render out to a file and not specify where that file is supposed to go. IN prem 6.5 you certainly could.

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    You can decide where to save the rendered files in general but not specific locations for specific files at the point of rendering them, it is part of the project "presets".

    I think I found the problem actually. It seems P6 wanted an older version of Quicktime and I was in a Quicktime editing mode. I converted to video for Windows and everything seems to render now... it seems the "disk full?" message was because it didn't have any closer message to offer.(?)

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    Wow that was well figured out. I think we need people like you on the forum Tom. Have you considered staying and not just f**king off like most people do when they solve their one problem?

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    Editing isn't a full time thing for me but I'm sure I will be around from time to time. I think I got lucky on this one but thanks for the pat-on-the-back.

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