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    I know you guys probably read this same old type of thread every day, so I salute you if you're still continuing to read it. But, unlike some, I have tried my very best to research independently!

    My circumstances
    I'm at college and therefore don't have a great deal to spend on equipment. I'm looking at circa 500 ($800) and am raiding Ebay at this very second.

    This is my first camera and I have no intentions of taking it out to Africa to capture some lovely shots of the Sahel. I'd mostly use it for YouTube videos, music projects and event videography.

    Research so far
    I like some of the Sony gear, though it is costly - for example, something from the DCR or HDR range. My issue obviously is trying to gage a balance between cost and quality. As much as this is my first camera, I am hoping to get some nice shots. I know Panasonic is popular with a few on this forum. I've seen some of the higher range gear from them and it gets great reviews but does their low-budget equipment offer value for money?

    Thanks for all your help in advance and look forward to reading your replies

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    It's very difficult to recomend a specific camera withoout know all the factors surounding its use etc.. BUT I came accross THIS THREAD on another forum which may help you.

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    The camera is irrlevant - it's you that gets the good shots. You get my drift?

    If it was my money save up untill you can get something that records to tape - HDrive cameras are mook magnets in the consumer sector - that also has a mic in, and a manual focus ring and full manual over ride.

    Also budget for same on mics as camera, and budget 250 for a tripod ish. I dont expect you will tho....

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