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Thread: Converting Hi8 tapes to??

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    Default Converting Hi8 tapes to??


    I am new to this forum and I'm sorry if I am posting this to the wrong area... I have been playing around with video editing for a couple years now but never took it to serious. I just purchased a new PC and loaded Cyber Link Power Director 8.

    Here is my questions: I have 37 Digital 8 tapes that I would like to manage, but I am not sure the best way to start. My family have never watch them because using my camcorder is very inconvienient. Ultimately I would like to convert them straight over to DVD's so it would be easier for me and my family to enjoy. However in the future as time permits, I want to be able to pull video off the DVD's so I can edit and make movies with my Power Director 8 software. I do have access to a stand alone DVD recorder but I am not sure of formats, quality, etc...

    I think I can hook my camcorder up to the stand alone DVD player and covert each tape to a DVD, but will I be able to use the DVD's at a later time to bring clips into Power Director 8. Is this the best and most efficient way of doing?

    Looking forward to your responses.

    Thanks in advance.

    Steve from Syracuse NY
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    if it is a straight conversion Hi8-DVD then go for the DVD recorder, its quick easy and reliable.

    If you can get a DVD recorder with a HDD you can transfer to that first, add chapters, some allow limited editing/trimming, then burn.

    Most Hi8 tapes are about 90minutes in standard play, set the DVD recorder to the appropriate setting to allow that about 6mb/s

    I would avoid the PC route. capture render burn, what a polava.

    I am sure Sony Vegas will capture from DVD, this brings in the video as MPEG, but the quality will suffer as this conversion normally means re-render, though there are programs like womble that can edit raw mpegs

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    Default Thanks for the reply

    So if I convert them using a stand alone DVD recorder will I be able to bring them into a video editing program (PowerDirector 8 ) at a later date?

    Will it be the correct format?

    Will I loose alot of quality?

    Thanks again! Steve

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    Not my field of expertise I am afraid... check the manual and see if it imports MPEG2 files

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    www. sot29 . com/hi8_to_dvd.html
    saw it on the web...
    you may try it yourself.

    I hope that helps.

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