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    Default 500$ job offer

    Hi Guys,
    I found this forum after searching for professional video editors.
    My job requirement is quite simple:
    download this file:
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    There are 3 videos there, If you look at them from the minute 12:43:25 (on screen timer) you will see in the back from the right about 3 people coming into the frame (2 are running).
    There are 3 versions of this film.

    If anybody will succeed to have any kind of face recognition for those people who run there (with a proof) i will pay him 500$ immediately and if it will be in a good quality i might even double it.
    I allow you to use all the filters needed, just get me an identification.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Face recognition as in following the face of identification or what?

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    He wants us to clean up the picture so the people can be identified.

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    You can barley make out that it's a person. I've uploaded a still so others won't waste their time trying the impossible.

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    Dont lie Mr BLue - I can see that it's you.

    To the op - no - cant be done - obviously...

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    Well done, you've just earned $500 for spotting me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    You can barley make out that it's a person. I've uploaded a still so others won't waste their time trying the impossible.
    Thanks for letting me know that it's not possible, I had a feeling that this is the case but i wanted to make sure i'm not wrong.

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    I would start by calling Chloe O'Brien over at CTU. Try the LA office but I think she's recently moved to New York. She manages to do it every single week.

    Seriously, Certainly not possible at all. This type of video enhancement, that magically extracts high definition images from an image 10 pixels square where there is basically no data only exists in movies and TV.

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