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    I am very new to Video editing. We are going to have a new baby and therefore my wife decided that we should buy a video camera. I got very excited and actively involved in researching what kind of camera should I buy. Anyway decided to buy the Panasonic HS200 as the choice was between HS200 and HS300. With the rest of the money I upgraded my Home computer to a quad core with 4 GB ram, decent graphic card and a plenty of hard disk space.

    Installed windows 7 64 bit and Adobe Premier CS 4. I also installed Xilsoft Video convertor as I read a number of good reviews about it. Anyway went out yesterday and I recorded some footage at High Quality. Went home copied the M2TS files on to my computer. I feel completely lost. When I tried to preview the clips in Xilsoft, the clips are not of good quality. I could see a number of lines around the objects in the footage. When there is movement, the movements are very jumpy. I went to play the clips on the TV directly from the camera and the footage seems to be at a very good quality.

    What am I doing wrong? What workflow should I follow. I just want to upload the clips, do some editing such as cutting some frames, and add some transitions, dub some music and record back to DVD. I do not have a blue ray or and HD DVD so most probably the output has to be to SD format. Could anyone be patient with me and help me with the process including tools that I should use along the way ?

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    i have exactly the same problem with the same camera model

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