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Thread: Hello, new guy here.

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    Default Hello, new guy here.

    Hello all, just wanted to introduce myself. My name's Robert, 16 years old. I've only recently started making random videos a few weeks ago. My first videos were actually favors for friends. I had no interest in video editing until I made my second video.

    Now I just love it. If only school wasn't such a bother, I'd be a lot more involved with video editing. Until last week, I've been using Windows Movie Maker as I didn't have money to buy other video editing programs. Now, though, I have Sony Vegas and Adobe After Effects. They look quite complicated(especially After Effects) but I've started watching tutorials on how to use them.

    Most of my videos are music videos. They're usually stuff like video game or anime scenes mashed together with music.

    Anyway, I hope I could learn a lot from you guys. I plan on having a career in digital video editing and possibly make it to Hollywood. Nice to meet you all.

    Oh, and here's my first try at Sony Vegas. It's basically a mash-up of gameplay footage from a video game called Call of Duty: modern Warfare 2. Hope you like it.

    [ame=]YouTube - Modern Warfare 2 Tribute[/ame]

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    Hi KingKee and welcome.
    There's a place especially for Video Game Footage - it's in the User Videos section. That's probably the best place to post your film as people interested in the genre frequent it and people who can't stand the genre it won't tell you to go out and buy a camera all the time.


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