I just started playing around with Premiere 2 days ago so forgive me if I'm asking the wrong/dumb questions.

I'll fill in what I've done so far.

I created my project in DV - NTSC/Standard 32kHz as I had no idea which to use. The footage I'm using is widescreen 1280x720 in WMV format.

Here are my questions: (I'm sure I'll have more)

1) Can I pull my current timeline from the standard 32kHz and put it in a Widescreen 48kHz while still having the editable timeline? Is the Widescreen 48kHz even the one I should be using?

2) Original footage is 1280x720 and it appears that the Widescreen preset is 720x480 which is a different ratio. Can the size be changed to fit the video?

3) When exporting the video, it comes out choppy and pixelated vs the original video which is smooth and clean. Output settings are for Windows Media, NTSC sourch to High Quality. What have I messed up?