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Thread: Which camera should I get ?

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    Default Which camera should I get ?

    so lately i decided to buy a secondary camera for my upcoming "jackass videos" and im on real tight budget and these are cameras i'll have to choose from and i must say u do not to link me to different newegg and ebay shops bc im from europe and i can only get one from these thanks


    Samsung ES10 - $117
    Samsung ES15 - $125
    Samsung ES17 - $133
    Samsung ES55 - $138
    Samsung S760 - $127
    Samsung SL30 - $122
    Samsung S73S - $137
    Samsung L100 - $136
    Olympus FE-26 - $123
    Olympus FE-46 - $138
    Sony DSC-S730 - $135
    Kodak V803WH - $123
    Canon PS A460 - $132
    Canon PS A470 - $136

    currently thinking of getting Canon PS A470 because of the CHDK its awesome look at this vid [ame=""]Timelaps Sunset on Vimeo[/ame] the quality is pretty decent...

    and now did some research on the samsung l100 looks even better lol now im really confused

    idk is it worth it or any other listed is better ?

    and yes i know they are photo cameras but i'll use them in video mode ^^ thanks in advance guys (im new btw :P)

    ahh posted in wrong section im sorry wrong tab

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    Any will do.

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    What camera do you have now? buy a second one of that.

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    If its a secondary camera how about giving a different effect with something like a ContourHD which has a 135 degree wide angle lens ?

    Failing that, Sony gets my vote, their cameras seem good across the range

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