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    I want to gain some experience into filming (and editing) so I am willing to do some free work in London.
    Actually what I want is I want to see how is this job and if is for me.

    I am free in weekends so I could came to help when filming - carrying things around...

    Also I am a web programmer so if you have a web site that need some maintenance or need a new one I could help.

    More details through mail or PM.

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    You could talk to Pete at Harlow TV that's is voluntary, also try some hospitals as they had a local TV in there, bit like Hospital radio

    Harlow Television

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    Thanks Z!!

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    Im shooting a TV commercial pilot this month if your free? Hampshire. Send me an email.

    Alex Brown

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    Hey everyone. Ready to work for free Or maybe for a beer I don't live in UK so I can help someone with video editing only. I use mostly Sony Vegas 9.0. I make music videos but looking forward for another type of work. Well, I may also help with some story elements for a short movie or something like that

    Alexander Popov:

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    I am london based and I directed a music video in Paris for a new French singer. I have all the work on Avi and I look for someone to help me to do the montage.

    On which software are you working on? Sony?

    this is a very urgent work and I look someone motivated.

    Please email me back or call me on 07909888428



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