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    I've had Studio 14 Ultimate since October but with all my 4 projects I've had probs with DVD playback. They seem to have burned OK but they will only playback for between 2 and 4 minutes maximum. I can see that my 45 min project is burned about that time frame. I've had my DVD burner checked and told it's OK. I've tried 3 different DVD players - all have similar probs - they play for between 2 - 4 mins then either freeze, or go back to beginning of DVD. Tried to get help from Pinnacle but sent standard reply about "DVD not burning" which clearly is not my problem. Just hope someone out there is human, understands English, and can offer some advice. Really appreciate it if you could. Terry

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    Pinnacle help is rubbish they cant answer a question. You could try the forums.
    Or try this link

    Pinnacle Studio - prepare DVD content for burning

    Hope this helps

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