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Thread: Premier Pro Batch Import Difficulty - Need Help!

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    Default Premier Pro Batch Import Difficulty - Need Help!

    Greetings. This is my first post here. The last time I did any video editing was on a convergence machine. Comparatively stone-age to Premier Pro. I printed the online tutorial "Quickstart Guide" graciously posted by Marc Peters and have been using it to simplify my process. So far it has been invaluable (Thank you, Mr. Peters!), but I am still at the earliest stages of using the system and am having trouble BATCH IMPORTING.
    As instructed, I logged a tape's-worth of shots, entered IN/OUT points using the icons underneath the monitor window, pressed the "Log Clip" button thus popping up the screen to include specific labeling and "OK". At the conclusion of the session I was ready to drag 'n drop into a BIN for Importing. I directed the program to Import, and all equipment was connected/proper tape loaded - and it appeared to be attempting to capture all cuts. I left the room for a few minutes while it shuttled to and fro for each segment, but returned to discover red "X's" in the project window. When I checked the batch summary/report it indicated that, at each attempt to import, there was a FAILURE MESSAGE. Sometimes it indicated that the program could not find the IN point. Others just indicated that the attempt had failed.
    I postulated that I had incorrectly chosen the icons underneath the capture monitor, and that I should try a test batch using the IN/OUT buttons directly above the "LOG" button (over to the right of the capture display) but didn't have better results. Still get error messages. I am frustrated, puzzled, and at a loss here. Is there anyone out there who would offer a bit of instruction to someone who is a complete novice to computer editing? I learn quickly, and am aware that this may be SUCH a simple problem. Still, I remain stumped. And those who referred me to this software assured me that it would be instantly understandable. Feeling a bit dense right now. Help? Thanks- Replicant
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    Possibly a contentious question but did you either stripe the tape before you used it or make absolutely sure you had no breaks in the timeline on the tape.

    If not then you may have a tape with the same timecode on it multiple times which would confuse any batch capture utility.

    Maybe the head is just grubby? Can you capture directly ok in non-batch mode?

    Contentious in that there are those like me who 'grew up' striping their tapes and get on just fine doing it and other, more purists, who argue that striping a tape is simply a case of recording on it twice degrading quality. But let's not hijack this thread guys with the argument - I'm just trying to ascertain whether there might be breaks in the tape timeline causing the errors.

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    Default P. Pro 1.5 Device Control Difficulties

    First off, many thanks to those who offered advice on how to achieve successful batch/manual capture during the trials that I experienced last weekend. Turns out that my hardware installer had made some honest mistakes in the configuration that I'd requested. With the great advice from Forum Members I was able to effectively utilise Adobe Tech Support. A swap-out and some BIOS alterations (from PIO to DMA) and I was sorted out. And all at no cost, with a smile and an apology no less. Still can't make up for the frustrations and lost time, but we're only human.

    During this last issue I'd decided to upgrade from 7.0 to 1.5 in hopes of better performance. While my computer is ready for action, I am surprised to be stricken by a new complication: I am unable to use "Device Control" in the Capture window. This was not a problem in the old version - I just selected the manufacturer's name and off I went... as far as I could go without being able to capture anything, but at least I could direct my deck. Having fiddled with the various choices ("Generic" - Standard/Alternate 1, after trying my manufacturer's name with both choices) and having called Adobe, neither approach worked. Tech Support went through several approaches which involved shutting down most drivers etc., none of which worked. During this 45 minute session with Adobe (who could NOT defend that it wasn't a software problem - thus a FREE call!) I'd been put on hold for long durations, so I went to The Net to see what came up under "Problems w/Device control Premiere Pro" and garnered some interesting insights: seems that this is not only my problem, but many others who had experienced this in the current version but not in the prior versions of Premiere.

    Via Internet forums I was advised to use my old version of Premiere to capture, then go to 1.5 to edit. I mentioned this to the Adobe representative and he said: "I can't comment on that."
    It sounded like he was taking notes, though.

    Still not quite sure why Adobe was so unable to respond to a valid question (posed by so many). It isn't like we'd shun them if they'd admitted an error.

    Just some thoughts.

    Again, Thanks. R.W. Williams
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