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Thread: Stabilize handheld video

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    Default Stabilize handheld video

    I'm new to video editing and taking the first steps in Final Cut.
    Most of my footage is Travel Footage taken on holidays and suffer from the typical defects of handheld camera.
    Videos have lateral movement, up and down movement and zoom.
    Do you think it is possible to stabilize this kind of footage with smoothcam in final cut or stabilize in motion?
    Is there any tutorial about that?
    Any suggestion is very much appreciated.

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    No. Not without drastically degrading the video quality.

    Get it right in the camera. Movement is not always bad, but any should be done with deliberation and tht - and what looks like a slight wobble will look all HAITI on a bigger screen.

    Never zoom in shot unless you really think about it first, and only one way unless you have thought about it and discussed it with a friend

    'Tromboning' is the mark of the true incompetent.

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