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Thread: Questing for decent software...

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    Default Questing for decent software...

    Hello people.

    This is my first post here, so be gentle...

    I have been trying to find a simple piece of software to edit together some game-videos that I make on my computer (using FRAPS -

    I'm looking for a prog that lets me:
    - Edit the videos I make in full size (512x384x30fps - half resolution and half fps of my monitor), and outputs them in the same size. I'm not interested in showing these vids on a TV etc, so the resolution should remain 512x384x30fps.

    - Must have a timeline so that I can trim each clip to match the soundtrack.

    - Have some very basic transition effects (mainly fade in/out, dissolve and "dip-to-black").

    I have tried about a dozen programs, and all have failed me...

    One of my friends tried to show me Adobe Premier Pro 1.5, but it's total overkill for my purposes (and it seems to dislike XviD as output codec - crashes XviD every time I try to use it), plus it's too geared towards TV/DVD.

    Roxio VideoWave 7 Pro is also overkill, plus it's too limited in the output department, it lacks the dip-to-black transition, and the dissolve-effect created nasty artifacts on the final output.

    I looked at VirtualDubMod in desperation (I already use it for all my other video encoding), but it is useless for this type of editing.

    The closest I've come is HonesTech VideoEditor v6.1 which does all that I want, only problem is that it crashes every time I try to alter transition settings, preview or render...

    Anyone out there that know of a program that might fit my needs?
    I'm going nuts here, not being able to get these videos done.

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    Working with MPEG4 can be a pain. In fact I don't know off hand of one editor that claims to support MPEG4.

    AVIedit -

    But that might be a bit too basic

    One option would be to convert your caps to a less compressed format first... then any editor should work a lot easier.

    I'll have a search though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Peters
    Working with MPEG4 can be a pain. In fact I don't know off hand of one editor that claims to support MPEG4.
    OK, there might be a minor misunderstanding here... (All my fault for not specifying properly.)

    FRAPS captures in a "proprietary" codec known as FRAPS Lossless Codec, wich is almost raw AVI, with only minor compression to keep quality high and CPU-time to a minimum (to give the game max FPS).

    The video-file should not become MPEG4 before I render it (if I haven't gotten stuff mixed up here)...

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    Oops, where did I get the MPEG4 bit from? Don't really know what to suggest then to be honest.

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    Actually, a few posts in the video section are game caps, dig one out and post in that...

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    Thanks, I'll give it a try...

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