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    Hey. I've been looking around the internet for input on this, and here I am. It seems that my camcorder, a JVC Everio model. (GZ-HD10) has gathered a bit of dust under it's outside lens. I got this camcorder about a year and a half ago, and I'm guessing the dust somehow got in there over time. I'm wondering, does anyone think this will cause a problem with quality/the camera in the future? It doesn't seem to distort the image quality now, but I don't want my HD video plagued with dust spots. I've attached a picture of the camera lens with the problems circled.

    Any input welcome. Thanks.
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    Unlikely to be behind the lens - all sealed up - is likely behind the flat glass in front of lens - this may be sometimes removed by unscrewing - but that is usually obvious.

    It wont affect he output really, but i would still want shot of them.

    If less than year old return under guarantee for a fix.

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    I think your right, but to my knowledge, the glass in front of the lens doesn't come off. And what did you mean by "i would still want shot of them"?

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