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Thread: Ground Zero - ( Modern Warfare - Battlefield BC2 - Medal of Honor )

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    This is an Anime music video that I created with content from the anime series "Fullmetal Alchemist", and with music from the song "Hero" by Skillet. My goal was to create a coherent video which displayed the emotion behind the characters of the series as well the song's lyrics. I worked with the basics of story development concentrating on the plot, build and climax of the song with visual material that, I find, can powerfully be shown through the uses of song-to-story match-up in this video.

    Heads up!!! There are defiantly clips of spoilers in this video. So unless you have not seen the series and the Full Metal Alchemist movie, id recommend not to see it. But if you don't care, id be more then happy for you to watch this video.

    The video contains clips from Episodes 21 through 51 plus the movie as well.

    Band: Skillet
    Song: Hero
    Album: Awake


    Adobe Premiere Pro CS5

    Some After Effects


    Editor: Justin Everest

    Thanks for watching and i hope you enjoy the video

    All rights to the music are from Skillet @ 2010
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