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Thread: Which video editor is better

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    Question Which video editor is better

    What do you think of the AVS video editor 4 or MovieMaker...

    I'm currently using Moviemaker but I just downloaded AVS. Please tell me which you guys prefer...

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    Some years ago I asked the question "can someone recommend a good NLE" I got about 40 replies which listed just about every NLE out there!

    I concluded that when it comes to editing the NLE you choose will have to be the NLE that you find easiest to get to grips with that contains all the features you are likely to use. Whichever you use the finished rendered file or DVD is going to be about the same, so just download all the trial versions that exist out there and try them, see which you like - go with that.

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    Well thank you. may i ask "which do you use?" I'm still a movie maker user that is anting an upgrade. I downloaded the Adobe Premier Elements 8 trial version, and i found it very hard to get "grip" on. It's to complex. I am now finding more and more features of moviemaker that more than 50% of youtube users don't use, or even edit their videos. So I think I'm in a good ball park if compared to the millions of youtube users... Not trying to be competitive, i just want to compare my self to someone.
    I bet most people on the forum are better than me and use the high quality camcorders. (woops off topic SORRY!!!!)

    So if I downloaded sony vegas 9 trial and absolutely loved it, your saying get it, or try to find more.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    You could do a lot worse than Sony Vegas. There are a lot of different versions depending on need and price. I don't know what your pocket money will allow so check them all out.

    This is a good forum to get advice with Sony Vegas if you get stuck using it.

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    Thanks I will see if there is a trial version and download it for research if what video editor I like the most.
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    I am downloading Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum Pro Pack. it seems to have some features that i want like the more transitions that aren't cheesy and animations that can be done to that video because movie maker only has like 10 or 15 of each. Plus some more audio options. Movie maker isn't hi-quality like video wise, because when you burn the to DVD with that little DVD icon the movie does not fill the screen. But I know if you use Windows DVD maker and on Movie Maker save it as a 720p or a 1080p video it will be widescreen but it still is not fullscreen.

    Still 1 question Midnight "what editor do you use?"

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    I am using Sony Vegas Pro 9 - it is costly, I was going to go for Vegas Platinum, I am lucky I had it given me as a company I do work for purchased too many copies.

    I had decided on Vegas because it had good reveues, it was generally regarded as stable especially in rendering (although people will always moan about problems in every NLE when it comes to rendering) and there are many free tutorials on Youtube! which are good.

    I have never been an Adobe fan, all their software is unnecessarily expensive and can be complicated to perform even the most straight-forward of tasks.
    I used to use Pinnacle Studio11 which was fine, a little basic in places but adequate so thought I would try the Avid Liquid package (same company) but didn't quite get along with that - a huge learning curve from Studio to Liquid.

    I also tried Canopus / Green Valley but very little seems written about that NLE. It was quite good but at the time I couldn't find much in the way of tutorials - always better than a manual, I think. and no third party plug-ins (which OK I may not need, but surely worth thinking about when parting with your hard-earned). I wasn't too keen on Corel's Video Studio Pro X2, I don't know why, just a gut feeling I guess. It ticked a lot of boxes.

    And so Sony Vegas became my choice. I do think Sony have done themselves no favours having so many versions, it can be cofusing to beginners as using the comparison charts how the hell do you know if you are likely to need a certain feature or not? So I would advise if going to Vegas to opt for the Platinum or Pro 9 - huge price difference between those two and after using Pro 9 I think for my needs Platinum would have been OK - but who know's what I might require of an NLE in the future? As it stands Pro 9 is, in that respect, future proof.

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    If you dont edit on vegas or fcp you are a mook - end of x

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    Quote Originally Posted by vertovian View Post
    If you dont edit on vegas or fcp you are a mook - end of x
    A MOOK? - That's a technical term right? Hmmm so if all other NLE users fall under the umbrella title of 'mook' what is the exclusive domain of the Vegas or FCP user, please tell me it is something more spectacular than 'non-mook' or 'mookless'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikifiki View Post
    Still 1 question Midnight "what editor do you use?"
    I think Vegas Movie Studio 9 is a good choice for you, if you like it. As you say it's much better than WMM.

    I am currently using Vegas Pro 9. I started off with Pinnacle Studio but found that limiting so I tried some others and ended up with what I'm using now.

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