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Thread: Older Sony Camcorder compatibility

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    I have an old Sony CCD V5 Video 8 camcorder that is not repairable. I want to be able to play back my tapes. I have searched ebay but haven't found a CCD V5 but have found several other models but not sure of compatibility.

    I assume my camera is analog because it was purchased in 1989 new.

    All the tapes say Video 8.

    Any assistance or recommendation would be appreciated.

    Thank You


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    It may be that the problem you have listed here has long been resolved, but I have just seen it, as I am a newbie here. I had a similar problem, when Video 8 cameras went unservicable. I have however resolved the problem. and am currently transferring all my old tapes to DVD. I am using a Sony handycam, its hi8 with 8mm playback. It's model number is ; DCR-TRV460E.
    I am just playing the tapes on this camcorder and recording onto a domestic DVD recorder bough at Tesco. seems to work OK , hope this helps, get back to me at if I can help further.

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