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Thread: Firefox eats IE

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    Default Firefox eats IE

    For those that aren't geeks, here's a head to head battle of the browsers:

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    Funny sort of comparison test, liked it.

    There is no doubt that FireFox is a far superior alternative to IE. Tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, no spy-ware, anti-virus makes this a brilliant browser. Also, you have much more screen real estate with FireFox, IE takes up the whole bloody screen with it's cluttered layout.

    Personally I'm on the Mac platform so I get to use the best browser in the world "Safari"

    However, if someone put a gun to my head and forced me to use a Windows PC, FireFox would be my browser of choice.
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    I've used Firefox since IE somehow broke about 3 days after we got Broadband in our house, installing SP2 (couldn't download it because I didn't have IE running, that was why I needed the bloody thing! so I had to buy a mag' with it on CD) fixed IE about 6 months ago but I haven't used it since.

    It's nicer to look at (less junk in the toolbars) and doesn't break-down as much in my experience.
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    I use FF mainly, but sometimes I have to revert back to IE because people that can't program properly make their sites break.

    I'll recommend firefox to people, but i'm not a firefox fanboy who hurls abuse at people who choose to use IE

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    Hell Yes For Macs And Safari!
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