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    Hello this is Bionic Joni here,
    I'm new to the forum. Lots and lots of
    questions and need alot of tips. I have the Panasonic HDC-SD10 Camcorder and am getting a BlitzBox B1 (still not recived from christmas) very very intetested in having a video making career even though I am only 13 I am amazingly Keen and think i have quite a good Imagination...


    1. Green Screen, how to get started ?
    2. Cheap, Effective Video Editing Software (want to make some kind of Lightsaber Mini movie.)
    3. Some of you guys are experts and have lots of Amazing Info, My Ears are WIDE OPEN !!!


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    Joni if you being 13 keep that enthusiasm about video editing, watch online tutorials, read, experiment, and go to school for editing, I'm sure you'll become a great editor in no time.

    Since I'm a newbie I can only answer the following

    The Green Screen which is used for Chroma Keying, can be achieved by buying green fabric to use as background and making sure that the subject in front of the fabric is not wearing any similar tone of green, and also using proper light to avoid shadows. Then you need the editing software to have the Chroma Key option.

    About cheap effective video editing software, I have no idea, I know people use Pinnacle, Windows Movie Maker, but I don't think those will work for Chroma Key effect nor the Lightsaber effect. I am sure some of the experts here will be able to suggest a better option.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bionic Joni View Post

    1. Green Screen, how to get started ?
    2. Cheap, Effective Video Editing Software (want to make some kind of Lightsaber Mini movie.)
    Have a look at this thread re my experiements with green screen on the cheap.

    As for software a lot of posters here seem to use Sony Vegas. You can get some older versions of that software for very cheap money. I use Premier Elements which I like very much. Just make sure it can handle green screen if thats what you want to play with.

    Good luck



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