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Thread: HD Convertions and outputs questions

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    Question HD Convertions and outputs questions

    hey, i just joined to site to ask a question,

    I shoot my footage with a HD camcorder at [HD] 720/60p, res, then ill convert it to avi because AE has probs with mp4 hd,

    anyway i convert it to .AVI with these specs, [1080P: H.264/AVC - 5000kbps] is that taking away the HD?

    now ill drag my footage into after effects and do the editing bit, then ill render then ill drag into windows movie maker and make some more adjustments then ill make output at 1280x1024 hd,

    so the real question is am i losing any hd quality by converting all this?

    And if you know whats the best way to get full hd results when rendering with AE? i know a lot about AE just rusty on the output bits to get the full HD as i only started recordin with HD cam!

    If anyone can help that be dope!


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    If you are shooting in 720p you are not gaining anything by converting it to 1080p except a bigger file. I would stick to the same size as you shoot. The H.264/AVC is a HD codec but 5000kbs seems low, maybe I'm missing something or getting confused. (easily done) you are then changing it in Movie Maker to a different size !

    What can you do with Windows Movie Maker that you can't do with AE

    The bottom line is every time you convert a file to a different format you will probably loose some clarity so the less often you do this the better.

    I'm not a AE user so can't advise on that and I can't do HD in my version of WMM so I can't advise on that. I would recommend sticking to the same size and fps to reduce the chance of quality loss if you do have to convert the file.

    At the end of the day, when you look at the movie you've finished, if it looks ok to you then it's ok.

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    Thanks! yeah im not too sure about the outputs must be wmm making the footage not as clear, thanks for your insight homie! peace

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