I've been offered a Canon XL1S with an adapter to take still camera EF lenses for 750.
Seems like a good deal, but I'm wondering if I'll be buying into old technology that will be very out of date in a year or so.
I'm planning on doing wildlife videos to compliment my huge wildlife stills collection and it seems that if I am to use my bigger telephoto lenses (400/2.8 LIS, 70-200 f2.8LIS and 200 f2 LIS) I would be getting incredible reach that no consumer HD camcorder in this price bracket could match.

Is the XL1s still regarded as a good choice these days in the sub 1000 band?
Would I notice a big difference in quality between it and say a 750 HD camcorder, even although my lenses are top of the tree for stills footage.

Any help and guidance here would be appreciated