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Thread: Sony Vegas Pro 9 Student Edition?!

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    Default Sony Vegas Pro 9 Student Edition?!

    I have seen this for sale on Amazon for 282.69!
    I am a student and have a student e mail address, would this be all that is needed in order to get this product at this price? It seems too easy.
    Has anybody bought this, or is anyone able to advise me on what to do?
    I am sooo tempted to just go ahead and get it...

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    Just follow the prompts online...and see what happens

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    erm... I dont understand
    do you mean on the Amazon site?

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    YES it will let you buy it or not, just find out which.

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    Ahhh, I see!
    Will do it now and report back

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    Ok... I got as far as the checkout and then shit out of it as I dont actually have the funds to pay for it this minute!
    However, my main question is how I register it - do I have to use my university account? Will it even let me do that?

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    Am not sure if you are going to get an answer, the best thing to do is just provide the information that amazon ask for. Its difficult to know if its correct since you have no funds.

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    Ha ha. I do have the funds - its just that they're allocated to other stuff first.
    I have contacted Sony directly but the only response I get is a redirection to student discount resellers based in the uk.
    My main concern is that if i do eventually buy this student version that I wont be able to use it. Like I said, it seems a bit too good to be true! Especially this Amazon malarky - its 70 cheaper than the Resellers that Sony have directed me to ( I have only looked at two though). Have you, or has anybody on here, gone down the "student version" route?
    Thanks again!

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    Ok - plucked up the courage to proceed further with my order at Amazon. I got all the way to the confirm purchase section, and didn't have a problem. Arrrggghhhhh!!!! What the hell should I do?

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    I do not believe there is any software difference between the student version and commercial version. The difference is in what you are allowed to use it for. And it may well be that here are restrictions when/if you come to upgrade to later versions (as this is done by serial numbers which you register with Sony, so they have some sort of control at this point).

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