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    Default A very good video editing pc

    I have been creating short films for myself for a quite a while, but as I started to take it more seriously I am looking for a very good editing pc, I am specifically not looking into mac's as they are pretty much slower and worse than lets for example say Alienware. I mean I have been looking into a few pc's but the problem for me is that I know something about graphics cards and ram's and that sort of stuff, but as enough as I would want to. I mean has anyone got good suggestions for a pc to use with Adobe premiere pro, or any other good editing programme that you recommend. With the price I am willing to go up to 2000.

    Thank you for any replies.

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    this is what I wrote when I was building mine

    Try Sony Vegas; has had some rave reviews....

    Hope that helps

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    I'm not able to give you an advice regarding PC windows . I own 2 mac pro
    Regarding software I would say that premiere it's a good choice fore some reason.
    It's a cross platform for exchanging from mac to win and viceversa; you have a very good interface with the other adobe software using Dynamic link so that you can start editing with premier, do Fx with after effect and burn out dvd or blu ray with encore directly without to create intermediate files.

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