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Thread: Vegas 9 Freezing

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    Default Vegas 9 Freezing

    Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum Pro

    I am new to Vegas and upto now have only been creating small projects which are working fine. I am now trying to load 4 clips into one project. They are VOB files which when loaded are broken down into 49 files. The files load into the media bin ok but when I add them to the timeline the first 30 files appear o.k. but the rest are blank and then after a few seconds the program freezes and the only way out is to close it.

    My PC is an Intel Core I7 with 6gb ram, Windows 7, 64bit

    Are there any limits on the number of files you can add to the timeline?
    Are there any settings I need to check on my computer?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    There is no limit that I am aware of, but being VOBS, they will be MPEG2 files and cause a machine to go groggy, try adding them slowly and see how it goes
    I see you have an i7 that should be fast but perhaps it is running out of memory and then using the virtual drive slowing things down

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