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    Default Aspect ratio conversion....

    Hi guys... I'm new to forums so hope someone can help me a little...

    I previously had a 4:3 aspect TV and a DVD recorder connected to it, set to the same aspect ratio. Using this set up, I have recorded many films etc from the telly...

    Finally the recording function has died and in view of my dated system, I've replaced my system with new wide screen DVD recorder and television. But... My old DVD's are now displaying on the TV strectched out to fill the full screen. I don't really want to have to adjsut the TV settings everytime I want to watch a movie.. I'd rather use my PC to make copies of the DVDs in a widescreen format.

    I've played the DVDs on my widescreen laptop and it puts black bands down the sides which I'm quite happy with... but the TV doesn't do this...

    Does anyone know of free software which I can use to convert? The files shown on the DVD are in 2 folders: VIDEO_RM (containing .DAT, .BUP & .IFO files) and VIDEO_TS (containing mainly VOB files)

    Any advice on how I can get the correct format for my new TV?

    Many thanks

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    So lets get this straight you recorded the DVD in 4:3 and now you want to convert them to 4:3 Mmmm.

    The only real answer is you may be able to tell your DVD player not to stretch the movie it's playing. Other than that you will have to adjust your TV to 4:3 every time you watch on of these DVDs

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    Default That about sums it up....

    When I recorded the films, I had my freeview box set to a widescreen format, so on my 4:3 telly it letterboxed it...
    I still can play on my old DVD recorder but not record... be wonderful if I could just to a dub straight form the old unit into the new one, but it's not taking it...
    I have told the old unit that it's connected to a 15:9 and a 4:3 device, but it seems to resond the same way.... stretching the picture out.

    The only thing I've found so far which does have an effect is to set my TV to display 'original' on the AV1 inputs but this puts a black border around the whole image...

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    You might be better on AVForums than on here. Your talking TV and DVD equipment.

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