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    Anyone here use Adobe Soundbooth?

    I'm trying to get a voice, that's been recorded in a studio, sound like it's in a deserted street, about 10 metres away from the camera.

    Any help, tips or advice on achieving this would be most welcome?

    Thanks in advance

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    I think there are several factors:

    1) If original recording is Stereo, then convert to Mono.
    2) Lower the volume.
    3) Use the EQ system to reduce the highest and lowest frequencies. This will make the voice less distinctive. Alternatively, one could try raising the EQ on the middle frequencies (guess: 300htz to 1khtz)
    4) Add reverb if the voice is close to a wall, or it is a narrow street.
    5) Add some background sounds (the kinds of things one might hear in an empty street.)

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    Thanks for that.

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